St Leonard’s College 50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Postgraduate Excellence!

St Leonard’s College is at the heart of postgraduate life at the University of St Andrews. As we mark 50 years since the reconstitution of the College in November 1974, we reflect on our rich heritage, transformative journey, and the vibrant postgraduate community that defines us today.

A legacy reimagined

Originally founded in 1512 to educate and support novices and “poor clerks” of the Augustinian Order, St Leonard’s College has evolved over the centuries. Fifty years ago, it underwent a remarkable transformation. 227 years after is amalgamation with St Salvator’s College, St Leonard’s College was reconstituted to be the home for the University’s postgraduate community. Half a century on, our commitment to supporting postgraduate students, fostering intellectual curiosity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and scholarly excellence remains unwavering.

Championing postgraduate study

St Leonard’s College champions the development of postgraduate education and research. We have supported countless Masters and PhD students via our extensive scholarships and grant programmes, and we have been promoting the interest of postgraduates across the University. The College has supported free, comprehensive training programmes to foster the academic, professional, and personal growth of our students, along with the development of their employability and the preparation of their career journey.

Our mission extends beyond academic pursuits; we strive to create a vibrant and intellectually stimulating community. From lively discussions in Old Burgh School, the home of St Leonard’s College, where postgraduates from diverse disciplines converge, to sharing ideas, dreams, and aspirations, and to interdisciplinary symposia, our postgraduate students find inspiration and forge lasting connections.

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

We invite all current and past postgraduate students of the University of St Andrews, all members of St Leonard’s College, to join the celebration activities that will take place in 2024, commemorating 50 years of St Leonard’s College — a place where academic rigour meets camaraderie, where ideas flourish, and where the spirit of inquiry thrives.

St Leonard’s College Draft Constitution (October 1974):

Extract from the Draft Constitution and Bye-laws of St Leonard’s College (21 October 1974)
Extract from the Draft Constitution and Bye-laws of St Leonard’s College (21 October 1974)